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Dahlia Homes offers transport supports throughout the ACT and surrounding regions. Dahlia Homes have qualified staff that are equipped to collect you from Location A and get you to Location B safely. Dahlia Homes understand that public transport isn’t always a viable option, and isn’t for everyone. Therefore we have a dedicated range of support staff to assist you with your transport needs.

Understanding Bus timetables
Understanding Tram timetables
Utilising a phone to get an Uber or Taxi

Understanding the basics of maintaining a car and the costs of this

Dahlia Homes also offers a transport support service to assist those wanting to have the independence and ability to utilise public transport. Therefore, we have a range of support that can assist you to gain the skills and confidence to understand how to utilise public transport. This can include but not be limited to:

Explore Dahlia Homes' comprehensive school transport services

Whether you need direct transport or wish to gain independence in using public transport, our skilled team is here to support your journey with personalised solutions tailored to your needs.

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