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Community Nursing Care

At Dahlia Homes we offer community nursing services to participants that have complex needs, and requiring community nursing Support. Dahlia homes has a range of experienced Nurses and Allied Health professionals to assist with the individualised needs of our participants, we have the ability to create a care plan or follow the provided information to ensure holistic supports are given.

Diabetes Management

Wound Management
Catheter Care
Palliative Care
Stoma Care
Mental Health
Medication administration

Clinical Nursing Assessments
Dahlia Homes collaborates with other organisations and stake holders to fulfil a high standard of supports and is able to provide thorough documentation for all delivered supports.

Dahlia Homes has capacity for most nursing requirements, however specialise in:

Our team is ready to discuss how we can meet your specific transport needs

To learn more about Dahlia Homes' specialised school transport services, offering safe and personalized travel solutions for individuals in the ACT and surrounding areas, please reach out to us.

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