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School Leavers

Dahlia Homes has a school leavers program which commenced in February 2024. This is an opportunity for anyone transitioning from school in 2024 and needing support to adjust to the change. Dahlia Homes understands that there is a big gap in the ACT for these particular support services and therefore we are offering individualised supports for those requiring it.

School Leavers will be programmed for a duration of either Six, Eight or Twelve week blocks, and within this time you will get the opportunity to learn skills in a lot of day to day areas however really focusing on:

Setting and achieving goals for the duration of the program

Life skills to live independently

Budgeting and Money skills

How to maintain a house

Utilising a Computer and Basic administration Skills

Navigating life after school

Why is living healthy important?

Transition smoothly from school to the next stage of your life with Dahlia Homes' School Leavers Services

Contact us to see how we can assist you in paving a path towards independence and success in your post-school journey.

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