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Meet Dahlia Homes

Dahlia Homes is a registered NDIS service provider who is offering supports to our community.  We focus on providing holistic and individual supports for those requiring it. We offer an innovative and a collaborative approach to ensure you feel that your needs are being met and evidence is being provided to your stakeholders to ensure we are being held accountable for our responsibility as a part of supporting you.

Registered NDIS Provider

Dahlia Homes is a registered provided under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, therefore we can provide supports offered under the NDIS that align with participants goals for:

  • Supported Independent Living

  • Direct Support

  • Coordination of Support

Registered Civil and labour Hire for Medical and Other Health Care Services

Dahlia Homes is also Registered as a Civil and labour Hire for Medical and Other health care services, therefore we can provide agency supports for any Medical, or health care service- this is including but not limited to:

  • Hospitals

  • Aged Care Facilities

  • Other NDIS registered Providers


Dahlia Homes strives for excellence in all aspects of our service provision. We aim to deliver high-quality, person-centered care that meets the unique needs of NDIS participants. Whether it’s coordinating supports, advocating for funding, or providing in-home care, excellence is at the forefront of our efforts.


At Dahlia Homes we operate with integrity, ensuring transparency and honesty in our interactions with participants, families, and other stakeholders. We take responsibility for our actions, maintaining accountability for the services we provide. Upholding ethical standards and trustworthiness is paramount for us.


Effective communication is key to successful NDIS support. We foster open dialogue with participants, actively listening to their goals and preferences. By building trust through clear communication, we aim to create a collaborative environment where participants feel heard and respected.


As an NDIS provider, genuine care and empathy is at the forefront of everything we do. We recognise the dignity and worth of each individual, treating everyone with kindness and respect. Whether it’s assisting with daily tasks or advocating for participants’ rights, compassion underpins our approach.

Meet The Team

Managing Director

Faith Takavarasha

Faith is the Managing Director at Dahlia Homes. She is an experienced registered nurse with a specialty in diabetes management, mental health and comprehensive nursing assessments. You find Faith always going above and beyond to understand individualised needs. 

Managing Director

Sarah Maina

Sarah is the Managing Director of Dahlia Homes. She is also an experienced registered nurse. Sarah thrives off having good communication skills through attention to detail and really emphasises with those she is supporting. You will find Sarah always having a laugh and ensuring she understands the entirety of the support needs for those she is assisting. 

Business Development Manager/Service Coordinator

Jayde Parker

Jayde is the business development manager and Service Coordinator at Dahlia Homes. Jayde is an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse who has worked in the health care industry for more than 5 years. Jayde has a wealth of knowledge in crisis management, service delivery and NDIS requirements. You will find Jayde always working to help her community. 

Engagement Liaison Officer & Independent Living Coordinator

Natasha Reid

Tash is the Engagement Liaison Officer & Independent Living Coordinator at Dahlia Homes. She has a wealth of knowledge coming into our organisation to assist participants to live as independently and holistic as possible. Tash is eager to meet you all and support our families and stakeholders positively and collaboratively. 

Service Assistant


Yolanda is the Service Assistant at Dahlia Homes. She has a wealth of knowledge within the administration side of the industry and rostering. Yolanda strives for great communication and attention to detail, you will find Yolanda in the office working to assist everyone in the best way needed. 

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