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About the School Holiday Program

Dahlia Homes offer a school holiday program for those that require an inclusive and supported program. We aim to support families whose children are unable to attend mainstream school holiday program and therefore offer an inclusive and supportive environment for those children that need.

The school holiday program is offered to children aged between 5years old and 15 years old and those that have a NDIS plan. We also offer private programs for children that aren’t a NDIS participant on a case-by-case basis and would be more than happy to have a chat about whether this would be suitable for your child.   

How is it charged?

Dahlia Homes charges in accordance with the NDIS price guide, however we also consider your child’s specific needs and ensure that we are supporting them in accordance with their therapeutic needs.

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School holiday program_2.jpg

What is included?

Dahlia Homes provides a schedule and routine for what will be completed in the program. This will outline what is included and what else will be required for the kids to have a fun and safe day with other children. This varies and is provided each school holidays to the enrolled children.

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