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Participant Feedback

At Dahlia Homes, we place immense value on the voices and experiences of our participants. Your feedback is pivotal to our mission of providing exceptional care and support through our NDIS services.


Whether it's sharing your success stories, offering suggestions for improvement, or expressing concerns, your insights are crucial in shaping our services and ensuring they meet the highest standards of excellence, care, and respect.

I just want to thank Dorcas who was providing personal care to my elderly mother (Deidentified) who has been in hospital for four weeks and things are not looking good. My mother was developing a lovely friendship and as was I. Please pass this onto Dorcas. 


"I’ve received positive feedback about Collins from the office particularly his professionalism and flexibility with timings. Working within the parliament can be challenging however Collins worked well and provided high-end support."​


"He is very happy to have had support worker Adit and reported that she is a great cleaner and a nice person."​


"Jayde has been a great help getting me onto the NDIS and understanding what evidence is required for my application. Thank you so much for everything."


"Thank you so much to Jayde- her ability to think on her feet and provide urgent respite was critical for us. She went above and beyond to ensure there were trained staff and adequate supports in place."​


"Again, thank you so much to Jayde and your team with the school holiday program, (deidentified) loved his "home school" as he called it, and we were honestly amazed with how well he did considering all the changes in his life."


"Lexie has been beyond helpful in assisting her manage household tasks as well as helping with the baby and small children. (Deidentified) expressed how grateful she was that she did not have to instruct Lexie to complete tasks and that she initiated tasks that needed to be done independently which was a huge help to the participant. She continued by saying how lovely, kind and hardworking Lexie is."


"I just spoke to (deidentified) and she was extremely happy with the support that she received today! She spoke very highly of the support worker that attended and was very grateful."


"We wanted to convey very positive feedback about Elizabeth whom you sent to do the cleaning yesterday. Stella said that Elizabeth obviously knows how to clean and did a great job. Stella said she is happy to have Elizabeth or Kinga for the cleaning any time. Thank you for providing such highly regarded support workers."


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